The overall objective of the CROWN project is to accelerate the transfer and deployment of research knowledge between European countries and China in order to obtain better understanding of cognitive radio networks and services in terms of various aspects such as energy efficiency/green, cooperativeness, and cross-layer design from both the physical layer and the upper layers. In particular, the transfer of knowledge, mainly as a result of researcher’s mobility, will focus on a new vision of green Cooperative CR paradigm or CCR. This new vision advocates the seamless integration of three important aspects of modern wireless communication systems, i.e., green, cooperativeness and cross-layer. It is the aim of this project to explore a systematic way to bring together these features into a CCR network so as to maximize its effective network throughput (excluding signalling overhead) while staying green. In the meanwhile, the design of the CROWN network architecture will also take into consideration the new trend of services (e.g., increasing more video streaming) and their provisioning mechanisms (such as cloud computing). Content-, user-, and context- awareness will be considered as much as possible to envisage a new CCR era where mobile network operators, service providers and end users all benefit. This staff exchange programme will also help develop new research links and deepen and strengthen the current research links amongst the partners and help build up long-term, world-class research in this exciting new research field of green CCR networks and services.

The above features are to be investigated in each of the technical work-packages aiming to achieve a consistent and unified network architectures, protocols and algorithms in CROWN, which in return will benefit the whole network system the best. Note that it is not this project’s intention to research into all these areas from scratch. Instead of reinventing the wheel the CROWN project is to build on each partner’s complementary expertise and the outcomes of the relevant projects the partners are involved in